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I am a full stack software engineer. I take pleasure when a raw idea from a paper becomes implemented in real life. In my job I try to implement best practices, and solutions because I believe that in long distance it is more profitable than fast and low quality solutions. Life is a movement, so I always try to follow the latest news in the software world to keep myself updated.

In my teenages i carried away by the ideas of free and open-source software (FOSS), which are deep in my mind nowadays. Ideas of collective work under common issues, and solving common problems. In my work I strongly prefer to use open-source solutions. I believe that open-source tools become better and more protected than proprietary software, and also give us better possibilities for developing end products.

In my free time I like to go outside with my wife, walk in a park, museum, or spend a couple of hours playing poker or some video game with my friends.

  • Name Denys Medvid
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  • Address Ukraine, Kyiv

What I Do


Develop applications based on Python, PHP, Symfony / Doctrine, have experience with Yii. Learning GO and other server-side technologies.


I work with ReactJs, Redux, and MobX. Prefer use TypeScript which gives me more type control inside an application and clearer architecture.


I can configure a gnu/linux server, with web servers, DBMS, mail services, configure CI/CD. I understand and use Docker.


Can write programs with C or Cpp, using Qt Framework, and STL, Generic programming.


I use principles: YAGNI, DRY, KIS, SOLID, DDD when creating software architecture.


Create architecture of databases using normal forms, normalization etc.



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